The current EPA agenda is putting public health at risk.

From dangerous pesticides to smokestack pollution to dirty drinking water to toxic chemicals in consumer products, this EPA has launched one of the most anti-public health agendas in history.

In just its first year, this administration has delivered a flurry of blows to human health protection, with a particular zeal for putting the well-being of children at greater risk.

While this administration is not on the ballot in November, members of Congress who either stood by silently or aided in the anti-public health agenda will be.

Because of their silence, their voting records, or both, these members of Congress should be held accountable for advancing this pro-polluter, anti-health agenda.

In particular, Congress has voted time after time to weaken public health protections.

Children’s health and the health of all Americans can’t afford more of the same. The only way to block this assault is by electing candidates who pledge to help.

The simple truth is children shouldn’t be eating food, drinking water or breathing air laced with toxic chemicals, and only candidates for Congress who agree are worthy of your vote.