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H.R. 469 - Sunshine for Regulations

Applies a gauntlet of duplicative, burdensome and time-consuming hurdles to settlements and decrees.

H.R. 1004 - Regulatory Integrity Act

Makes it harder for agencies to communicate the risks posed by toxic chemicals to the public.

H.R. 998 - SCRUB Act

Creates a commission to eliminate health and safety regulations, including toxic pollution protections.

H.R. 5 - Regulatory Accountability Act

Adds cumbersome procedural requirements to the development of new public health protections, including rules related to toxic chemicals.

H.R. 26 - Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act

Requires many rules, including rules related to toxic chemicals, to be approved by both chambers of Congress before taking effect.

H.Amdt. 119 to H.R. 953

Seeks to protect fisheries from the dumping of toxic chemicals.

H.Amdt. 118 to H.R. 953

Applies clean water protections to releases of toxic chemicals into the environment.

H.R.806 - Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2017

Creates new loopholes for polluter compliance with toxic air pollution standards.

H.Amdt.1303 to H.R.5538

Preserves federal requirements for lead cleanup.

H.R. 1430 - Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment Act

Prevents EPA from using peer-reviewed science to address public health threats, including toxic chemical pollution.

H.R. 1431 EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2017

Undermines EPA’s science advisory boards.

H.R. 953 - Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act of 2017

Allows pesticides to be discharged into water without obtaining a permit.

H.Amdt. 372 to H.R. 3354

Cuts EPA funding, including funding to protect the public from toxic chemical exposures.

H.R. 1917 - Blocking Regulatory Interference from Closing Kilns Act of 2017

Creates exemptions for brick-making facilities that would otherwise safeguard communities from toxic air pollution.

H.Amdt. 1308 to H.R. 5538

Protects farmworkers from dangerous pesticides exposures.

H.R. 2 - Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018

Removes state, local, and federal pesticide safeguards and creates loopholes meant to protect communities from pesticide exposures.

H.R. 985 - Deny Justice to Asbestos Victims

Seeks to deny compensation to people poisoned by asbestos.