First EWG Action Fund Chemical Scorecard:
House Members Get Failing Grades

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WASHINGTON  – The Environmental Working Group Action Fund has released its report scoring every member of the House of Representatives for their votes on legislation in support of a pro-chemical-industry agenda. “Over and over, too many legislators voted to support the current administration’s agenda to eliminate toxic chemical safeguards,” said Scott Faber, speaking on behalf of EWG Action Fund, a separate sister 501(c)(4) organization of EWG.

To arrive at the scores for each member, EWG Action Fund selected 17 bills and amendments that lawmakers voted on during the 115th and 114th sessions of Congress. The mix of legislation included proposals to make it harder for federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency to inform the public about the risks of toxic chemicals; eliminate health and safety protections for chemicals; allow pesticides to be discharged into water; and block local governments from prohibiting pesticide use at playgrounds and parks.

Analysis by EWG Action Fund found that 140 House members voted against toxic chemical safeguards every time. By contrast, 149 members consistently voted for chemical safety protections.

“Too many members of Congress have collaborated with the chemical industry and the Trump administration to advance policies that reject sound science and weaken worker and consumer protections,” said Faber. “And many more stood by silently when this administration’s EPA reversed or delayed chemical bans or gutted chemical safety rules.”


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